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Life Themes

Posted on December 18, 2013 at 12:50 AM

So in my life, I have noticed that life has themes, you know like life lessons that you should probably learn.  If you pay attention, you might notice that themes keep popping up in  your life also... or perhaps it's just me.

My current theme is about when something doesn't seem good, there is a silver lining.  Watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, there was a theme with the two episodes and Daniel sang, "If something seems bad, turn it around, and make something good."  Then at church we heard a sermon on Joseph and how things were BAD when he was sold into slavery and thrown in jail, etc.  But even though his brothers intended evil, God intended it for good (Gen. 50:20).

The only time we, as Christians, will be severely disappointed is when our expectaions for our lives are not something that God has promised to fultill.  I felt stuck in a rut with my life not being what I had imagined it would be.  Christmas seems especially hard because you want to spend this time with your family and making memories and creating traditions, carrying on traditions of old etc. but when our families are not what we had expected, this can be very disappointing.

I'm learning to turn my frown upside down and create a smile and look for the good.

I hope that I'm learning my life theme lesson.

On to the next challenge!



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